Starting Location: Waterfront Walk

The starting location to the left is about half a block from where 17th Street intersects with Independence Ave. Please note: this is a different starting location than the starting location for my Monumental sTOURies tour. 

Waterfront Walk  

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Join me on this Waterfront Walk exploring all of the sights and memorials along the expansive waters of the Tidal Basin. 

With the dedication of the MLK Jr. Memorial in the Fall of 2011, there are now three major memorials on the banks of the beautiful Tidal Basin. Join me on this picturesque walk and we will fully explore each of them! Discover the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial and the Thomas Jefferson Memorial.

Additionally, this three hour walk will feature views and discussions of:

The Washington Monument 
The John Paul Jones Memorial
The Japanese Lantern, Japanese Pagoda and the First Cherry Planting stone marker on the Tidal Basin
The George Mason Memorial
Views North and South from the Inlet Bridge
The U.S. Capitol
The DC War Memorial (WWI Memorial)

The following map shows the route we will take on this tour, and what you can expect to see. 

Waterfront Walk  

Waterfront Walk Tours will return in the Spring of 2018



                                                                          Friday 9/9,  and  Friday  9/22

Starting Location: The tour begins on the far west grounds of the Washington Monument just off 17th Street, directly across the street from the National WWII Memorial. 

Ending Location: The tour will conclude on the NE shore of the Tidal Basin near the Tidal Basin Paddle Boat Rides, the Tidal Basin parking lot, and a concession snack bar. Scroll to the bottom of this page for my post-tour suggestions. 

The photo below is looking directly south from our starting location showing 17th Street intersecting with Independence Ave. On the center right of the photo you see the John Paul Jones Memorial and in the distance on the left side you see the Thomas Jefferson Memorial sitting on the far bank of the Tidal Basin.

Look for me! I'll be wearing a hat, a backpack and my tour guide license around my neck. Don't worry; if you are there I'll find you!

If traveling by Metro: I recommend taking the Metro to either the Federal Triangle or Smithsonian metro stations for a short walk to the start of the monumental stories tour. You can find the Metro website HERE

​Parking: Public parking is limited near the National Mall.  If at all possible, it really is easiest to use public transportation and the Metro system to get in and around Washington DC. Your hotel staff will know the most efficient metro routes into town. For more information regarding parking near the National Mall and DC click HERE.

DC Circulator: The DC Circulator (hop on/hop off bus) has now added a new National Mall route connecting passengers to key attractions on and around the National Mall. Check out this new convenient route HERE

Post Tour Suggestions

​To get back to the grounds of the Washington Monument and the center of the National Mall, you can continue walking a short distance west on the Tidal Basin (passing the Tidal Basin parking lot on your right) crossing over the Kutz Bridge which will lead you onto the grounds of the Washington Monument. Nearby, you can stop and enjoy the Floral Library. Click HERE for more information on the Floral Library. If all that waterfront walking has you hungry for might consider visiting the Maine Avenue Fish Market.Leaving our ending location, turn right onto Maine Avenue, for a 2 block walk, passing both the Capital Yacht Club and the Washington Marina on your right before coming to the Maine Avenue Fish Market.- a large open air fish and seafood market. A unique DC experience most tourists miss. Also available, hot cooked crabs, fish sandwiches, raw bar, soup, etc. For more info on The Maine Avenue Fish Market (photo below), click HERE. Or, you could spend some time on the Tidal Basin taking advantage of the concession stand and maybe even a paddle boat ride if in season - spring through September 30th. Click HERE for Paddle Boat Ride information.

The photo above is the view from the starting location looking directly east with our backs to 17th Street and the WWII Memorial. In the distance to the left of the Washington Monument, you can see the Commerce Department with the distinctive orange roof line.