Private Tours

Private Tour General cost range 
$250 - $350 depending on your party's size and other specifics of the tour. 

The Walk of the Town Guarantee:

-You will always know exactly who your tour guide will be. It's me ... no surprises; I give 100% of my tours personally
-You will never have to pay anything in advance, and will pay only at the end of the tour with your complete satisfaction
-You will never be forced to take a tour in bad weather; You may cancel the tour if you aren't comfortable with the weather at no cost to you. I will not cancel for weather: you will make that call

And finally, my top priority and goal is to ensure that your tour is the most memorable way to experience Washington DC

Whether you are touring with a large group or just want a personal experience for your family and friends –I would be honored to talk with you about a private sightseeing walking tour during your stay in Washington DC.  Let me work with you to design a private tour that takes full advantage of walking through the most beautiful city in the world! I would suggest a tour something like my Monumental sTOURies tour or my Waterfront Walk tour or some variation/combination of the tours.

The reason why I love what I do is because DC is such an amazing city to take the time to walk through! Monuments, memorials and museums are only part of what makes the city so rich and beautiful, and it would be a shame to skip over everything else! Though we will walk to the major attractions that you want to see, the richness and depth of the tour comes from the smaller hidden gems of the city that are revealed along the picturesque walkways of the National Capitol Park.

Contact me to discuss the specifics for your private tour ( or 240-672-6306)

NOTE: Please check my Schedule page for my schedule of tours. As I am a one-man company, I am only available for private tours on days that I am not leading one of my regularly scheduled Free Tips-Only Tours. The overwhelming majority of the tours that I lead are my regularly scheduled tours.

My first recommendation, for a family or any group of 7 or less is to take one of my regularly scheduled tours, if your itinerary allows for it. If I am unable to personally help you with a private tour, I am always happy to spend some time on the phone with you to offer suggestions for other tour companies, tour guides, and other things that you can do to have a great time in DC.