Monumental sTOURies 

**A Note About Tours During the Cherry Blossom Festival (March 20 - April 16)**

During the dates of the National Cherry Blossom Festival, I will continue leading my popular "Monumental sTOURies" tour on the select days listed on my Schedule page. During the Cherry Blossom Festival, on any of my tour dates that coincide with bloom, I will be offering to any and all of my guests the following extension of my Monumental sTOURies tour:

We will take an additional short walk to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial. We will explore this inspiring and moving memorial, which provides the perfect entrance and visual overview of the Japanese flowering trees and the Tidal Basin. From this final vantage point, I will be able to orient guests to the Tidal Basin area, as well as share ideas and suggestions so that you can further enjoy and celebrate the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

On these Festival dates, I would not recommend that my guests schedule other Festival activities to allow time for this extended tour as well as your own time to enjoy the Tidal Basin and the cherry trees. 

Left is a picture of the White House Visitor Center. If you are looking at this view, our starting location is about 150 feet to the right at the intersection of 15 street and Pennsylvania Ave. 

If you are standing on the correct corner you will see the sign to the right. Make sure you are seeing the 15th Street sign with a 300 under it. Be careful: there is another 15th and Pennsylvania just one block away that says 400 under it.

Map used courtesy of the National Parks Service

Join me on this fun and informative walking tour that covers DC's favorite sites and a few hidden gems along the way! 

We'll visit up-close and discover interesting facts and anecdotes about:

* The White House, Presidential Park, and the National Ellipse
* The Lincoln Memorial
* The Washington Monument
* The Vietnam Veterans Memorial (the Wall, the 3 Servicemen and the Vietnam Women's Memorial)
* The Korean War Veterans Memorial
* The Reflecting Pool
* The World War II Memorial
* Constitution Gardens and Signer's Island

On the way, we will be able to observe and discuss from a distance ...

* The U.S. Capitol Building
* The Old Post Office Tower
* The Museums of the Smithsonian Institute
* The Jefferson Memorial
* The DC War Memorial (WWI Memorial)
* The Memorial Bridge and Potomac River
* Arlington National Cemetery and Arlington House (Robert E. Lee Memorial)

Starting Time: 10:00am. This tour lasts about 4+ hours. I would not recommend planning another activity earlier than 3:30pm on the day you are joining me for a tour.

Starting Location: The tour begins on 15th Street NW, just steps from the NW corner of the Commerce Department and the intersection of 15th Street (300 block) and Pennsylvania Ave. (see map below)

Ending Location: Not far from the grounds of the Washington Monument, close to many DC attractions, dining possibilities and Metro Stops.

Tim's Tip: The White House Visitor Center allows visitors to explore an interactive touch screen tour of the White House, experience interactive multimedia exhibits, see over 90 artifacts from The White House Collection, and view a 14 minute film "White House: Reflections from Within."  The White House Visitor Center has free admission and is open every day of the year except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day (12/25) and New Year's Day (1/1). Getting to the Visitor Center before my tour, ensures that you are in the immediate area of my starting location. Also, no small point, the bathrooms in the Visitor Center are very nice, well kept and clean.

Other surrounding landmarks near starting location: Directly west, across the street are the Ellipse and the Ellipse visitor pavilion. Diagonally northwest across the street is the Equestrian Statue of General William Tecumseh Sherman. Directly north is Pershing Park. I'll be just steps from the entrance to the White House Visitor Center.

Look for me! I'll be wearing a hat, and a backpack. Don't worry; if you are there I'll find you if you are standing on the correct corner you will see the sign to the right. Make sure you are seeing the 15th Street sign with a 300 under it. Be careful: there is another 15th and Pennsylvania just one block away that says 400 under it.

If traveling by Metro: I recommend taking the Metro to either the Federal Triangle or Metro Center metro stations for a short walk to the start of the monumental stories tour. You can find the Metro website HERE

​Parking: Public parking is limited near the National Mall. If at all possible, it really is easiest to use public transportation and the Metro system to get in and around Washington DC. Your hotel staff will know the most efficient metro routes into town. For more information regarding parking near the National Mall and DC click HERE.

DC Circulator: The DC Circulator (hop on/hop off bus) has now added a new National Mall route connecting passengers to key attractions on and around the National Mall. Check out this new convenient route HERE

The tour will typically conclude following the Korean War Memorial or the WWII Memorial. At that time, we will discuss directions and ways for you to depart as well as a variety of dining possibilities, Metro stations, the DC Circulator, the museums of the Smithsonian Institute, the National Archives, The National Gallery of Art and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, as well as other attractions you might be interested in. The following map shows the route we will take on this tour, and what you can expect to see:

Starting Time and Location: Monumental sTOURies